We offer the unique opportunity to craft your own personalized solution to your economic development resources and challenges. You may customize our services with a selection or combination of any of our three major contract areas.

Scope of work contract​


If you have a  specific job with a defined starting point, ending point and deliverable, we will create a scope of work and offer a contract outlining start date, expected duration, specific deliverables, and contract price.  We will bill on an hourly fee-plus-expenses basis, and will offer the ability to partner with other professionals to outsource specific elements of the project at your approval.

Retainer for specific services


We are available for a wide variety of specific services on a retainer  basis, ensuring that if you need an RFP or RFI completed or a proposal completed or a report written in a timely fashion, you will get it when you need it. You can do the same thing with a scope of work contract, but the retainer ensures you access to our schedule in a timely fashion. 


Additionally, we will offer a retainer program for grant seeking and writing that will include our regularly searching for grants in your listed areas of interest.

General fee-plus retainer


If it's more practical to have us on hand for whatever needs may come up in the course of business, we will offer a general retainer program which will entitle clients to a specific number of hours per month. Any hours required above the specific number will be billed at a contracted rate, plus expenses.

Customize our services to meet your needs.