Fill-in for ED professional


Future Focus can serve on an interim basis when an ED professional is ill, has a family emergency, or is out on maternity leave. Interim coverage plans range from being on call for RFIs or existing business needs to overall ED department management, including managing staff. Term may be for as brief as 30 days to as long as a year.


Future Focus served in this capacity for Newport and Arkadelphia.

Project management


You've been chasing that car, and now you've caught it. You've landed a project, and now, along with your normal 60-hour week, you now have a major construction/hiring/training project taking place in your community. Help!


We've been there, done that. We understand what it takes to get an industrial project from the proposal stage to the production stage. We're famliar with the process of coordinating state and federal grants, working closely with state agencies, and working with international clients who may not be familiar with local business practices.



Economic development is never a one-person show. It always takes a team. Specifically, it takes a team of locals who have to step out of their local environment and sell their community to a prospect. It takes a team of business and community leaders to give time and talent to serving on a board. It takes a team of elected officials who understand what economic development is -- and what it is not -- and who are  aware of its needs.


Future Focus offers training for prospect teams, for board members, and for elected officials, delivered on site in concise, condensed form and in a time frame that meets busy volunteers' needs.

Customized for Communities


Is your strategic plan gathering dust on a shelf? Is your economic developer out for illness or maternity leave? Have you hit the jackpot and landed a project, and now you're going through the building and start-up phase? You need an experienced economic developer, but you don't need, and can't afford, to expand your staff. Future Focus is your solution.

Research services

You know there is data out there to support your bid for a project, but you don't know how to access it or how to support it. Where do you go?

Future Focus uses a combination of U.S. Census, EMSI, ESRI and other state, local and regional data to provide the right answers that will help you validate your proposal and land your project.