Funding initiatives

Every community periodically reaches the point where its needs are frustrated by the lack of fundng to carry them out. The answer is money, and voters hold the key.


Taking a funding initiative to voters is a dicey thing.  We have been central to successful bond and tax elections. We can help you be successful, too.

You need state or federal support for your specific project or initiative. But your time is limited, as is your knowledge of state and federal lawmakers and bureaucracies.


We have 30 years' worth of stored knowledge and contacts. We can put them to work for you.

When there's a big news story in your community, are you prepared to present your best face to the world? 


Let Future Focus craft and distribute the image YOU want to send out about your community.

Research and surveys show the most effective development efforts are those which combine public and private resources. How can you convince your community to invest in your development efforts?

We partner with Power 10, a new group of fundraising professionals who have years of experience and success in capital campaigns.

Public relations
Capital campaigns

Beyond the ordinary scope


There are needs in any community which are outside the scope of usual economic and community development services. Communities may face them only once in a long period, or on an infrequent basis, but nevertheless, they're real needs and professional assistance is there to help meet them.