Asset identification
SWOT analysis

It's an oldie-but-goodie, and nothing yields as much basic information as a Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats analysis. Quickly identifies areas were work needs to be done, and potential areas for advancement in economic development.


Out of the SWOT assessment comes a prioritized "to-do" list that moves you closer to your economic development goals.

Assets are the "leads" in the stories you tell in marketing your community. They're the products you advertise, the sizzle that you sell.


Whether it's an abundance of raw material, available land, logistical advantages, a top-ranked education system or great infrastructure, you will have a list products to sell to prospects.

The final step of your assessment is a community action plan, with building blocks lined out into a timeline and potential funding needs and sources identified. If your strategy design is your road map, your action plan template is your navigation system giving you turn by turn directions to your economic development destination.

So you have a strategic plan, a to-do list of strengths and opportunities, as well as a to-do needs to meet, in your community. How do you plan to eat that elephant?


You need a customized, categorized, prioritized strategy with specific goals and objectives. It will be your road map to economic development.

Action plan template
Strategic and Tactical plan

Not certain exactly what your community needs?


You know you want to take the next step in economic development; you're just not certain what the next step should be. Future Focus will help you conduct an extensive community assessment, examining its strengths and weaknesses, determining its needs and opportunities, and then help you plan and implement a program that takes advantage of your opportunities.