I have 20 years of economic development experience in both public and public-private settings, along with another 20 years in the newspaper business.


You may come up with something I haven't seen, but it will be difficult.

My  breadth of experience includes:

  • ​Started from scratch an economic development program in Marion, Arkansas, in 1997, and being in the final two candidates for  an auto assembly plant five years later.

  • Led local team that resulted in first Chinese investment into manufacturing in the Arkansas Delta.

  • Reponsible for the first marketing piece that drew the attention of the automotive industry to Arkansas.

  • Implemented a business retention and expansion program which resulted in the retention or creation of 2,000 jobs during the nation's worst economic downturn since 1930, ranking my community in the top four small metro job growth markets in the nation in 2009 and 2010.

  • Crafted complex $15 million finance and construction package that merged previously uncombined private and public finance tools to save critically important state-owned facility, heralded by state leaders as ground-breaking solution

  • Point person for a strategic planning and capital campaign which raised $3 million over five years for economic development in the community

  • Led effort to change Arkansas' consititution to enable the state to be more competitive in attracting superprojects.

  • Led two daily newspapers to a series of statewide journalism awards.

Whatever your challenge,

I've probably dealt with it.

Kay Brockwell

President & CEO